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Definitions : 

Giving and responding to compliments (Memberi dan menanggapi suatu pujian)

    Giving complimentsComments intended response to the work of someone whose only objective was to describe or explain the work of the person. The work referred to here is the work of information, including news, stories, articles, speeches, issues, and so on.

To comment on the issue is not only the origin. Comments can only be delivered if the full information obtained from this problem. Not only that, comments can be submitted only when a logical reason to have a taste or in reason.

If seen from the way penyampainnya, comments were divided two kinds, namely verbal comments and comments in writing. Examples of written comments is often seen on the internet. On the internet media works someone who can not do comments, either orally, in writing only. Later examples of verbal commentary that is often seen is on campus. Students comment on what the faculty, students commented that the group made a presentation to the class, and so on.

How to respond to existing problems procedures. Comments made politely so as not to offend the people who commented. Feedback or comments are also presented logically and with good reason.

If the views of its kind, the kind of divided into 3 types of comments, such as:

Praise, praise is something the recognition of one's advantage or benefit of a work. Praise is an appreciation of the worshipers who is credited for his work. Usually this is followed by a word of praise, incredible, wow, etc.

Saran, Saran is the opinion of one of the works created by someone. Provide suggestions on the proposed suggestion of someone who should be considered or reconsidered. Usually followed by the words must, must, etc.

    Everyone likes to hear compliments. Compliments make people feel good about themselves, and we all need that at times. Hotel guests and staff are no exceptions. Guests may give hotel staff compliments for the quality of their service, for their English ability, for their appearance in an unique uniform, or for doing something a little extra for the guest.
A hotel staff may give a guest a compliment about how they look in a newly purchased outfit, or for their patience when a problem arises, or for a beautiful new hair style after visiting a beauty parlor. Look at the expressions below that can be used when giving and responding to compliments.
Expression Of Giving Compaliment
Giving Complaiments
That’s a very nice …(dress).
Great job on the …(presentation).
You look very good in … (that new hair-do).
This dish is delicious, my compliments to the chef.
That … (tie) looks great on you.
Responses to compliments
How kind of you to say so.
Thank you.
I’m glad you like it.
It was nothing really. (an expression of modesty and humility)
Learn the expressions used for giving compliments to others. Practice by saying them loudly.
Your performance on the stage is amazing.
How wonderful to listen to  your  great voice.
How mar vellous .
Great ! (You look great) / Great for  you.
Terrific ! (Hey, that’s terrific !)
That’s really remarkable /well  done.
Now, learn the expressions  use for responding to compliments.
It’s very kind of you to say so.
Thank you.
I can say how pleased (delighted) I am.
I’m delighted  to hear  that.
Thank for your compliment.

Staff: What a beautiful dress, Mrs. Elliot.
Guest: Thanks, I’m glad you like it.
Staff: Your new hair-do looks absolutely gorgeous, Mrs. Simpson.
Guest: How kind of you to say so.
Guest: My compliments to the chef. This linguine is superb.
Staff: Thank you ma’am. I’ll be sure to let the chef know.
Guest: Your English is very good.
Staff: Thank you very much.
Staff: Excellent game Mr. Johnson. You really gave me a workout.
Guest: Thanks, I guess all those private lessons are finally paying off.
Guest: I really appreciate all the extra work you did on helping us solve that problem. It truly went above and beyond. My compliments to your work ethic.
Staff: Thank you sir, how kind of you to say so.




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