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DEFINITION OF Certainty and uncertainty
Certainty and uncertainty

       Certainty is a situation that really does not have the confidence or doubt about something. However, uncertainty is when nothing is ever decided or certain.
expressing certainty
If you believe that something will or will not happen in the future, using the expression

Sample dialogue (Contoh Dialog) :
     Dialogue Certainty and Uncertainty

  This is one example of dialogue certainty and uncertainty with school aktivatas topic. Yes, for those of you who are looking for dialogue certainty and uncertainty for school work please copy and paste the dialog below. But if there is a sentence or a word wrong please justified through comments .. If not, may be useful for you.

Ryan: Hi, Shin! Good morning!
Shinta: Hello, Ryan! Good morning!
Ryan: What do you think if we decorate our class?
Shinta: That's good idea, make a wall magazine I think.
Ryan: Are you sure?
Shinta: Yes, certainly. Our class look nice if there is a wall magazine.
Ryan: Well it is possible I suppose it but I doubt it.
Shinta: So, what do you think?
Ryan: Why do not we buy flowers for our class?
Shinta: Oh, I do not think so. It is expensive.
Ryan: You are right, but we can collect money.
Shinta: I doubt it. I'm broke now. I do not think can get enough money.
Ryan: Yeah, come on. I can lend you the money if you want.
Shinta: Really?
Ryan: Of course.
Shinta: Thank you very much.
Ryan: Do not mention it.

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